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Basic Profile Cub Cadet Hitch




Basic Profile Model E0201



> Made from billet steel, weighs approx. 12 lbs.

> Innovative adjustment mechanism utilizing 1 set screw

> Dovetail slide for ROCK SOLID 3 point contact locking.

> Lock pad protects slide from set screw damage.

> Full range of adjustment can be achieved in seconds with a 1/4" allen wrench.

> Forged steel drawbar eye with 1 1/2" hole and 1/2" thickness meets NQS and most all other club rules.

> All necessary hardware included.




This item is available as part of a discounted kit.

E0201 Basic Profile Cub Cadet Hitch $135.00 Free Shipping*



This view shows the unique Hooker Hitch
Dove Tail locking mechanism.




*Free shipping only to the lower 48 United States of AMERICA